Credova Financing

How Credova Breaks Down Point of Purchase Barriers

Point-of-Purchase Financing Helps Merchants Stay Current

You know the axiom: The customer is always right. If the time and place and price are also right, the math usually adds up to a sale. Part of creating a successful retail environment is offering the right payment options.

Have you heard about alternative financing? Consumers now expect the option to buy now and pay later. To stay relevant and prevalent in a crowded and competitive retail landscape, merchants would be wise to listen to customer demands and start offering point-of-sale financing posthaste.

It’s a solution that simultaneously salves several sales snags (sorry).

Too Many Issues

Plenty of purchasing barriers exist along a customer’s buying journey. Primary among them is a growing unwillingness to utilize a credit card for a significant purchase. Multiple sources have shown that Millennials — who represent the most spending power in the U.S. — avoid using credit cards; only 1 in 3 even owns one. The fact that Millennials are restricting purchases on credit, coupled with cost of living and limited income, all adds up to potentially thwarting retail growth.

Beyond an understandable aversion to accumulating credit-card debt, think about the other hiccups that can occur during an online shopping experience and dissuade a customer from completing a purchase. Clunky checkout processes, limited payment options, and outdated e-commerce platforms all conspire to make eager buyers abandon their carts in frustration and take their browsing (and their business) elsewhere.

If you aren’t offering a fast, dynamic shopping and checkout experience, you’re falling behind leaders in your industry. Having an outdated e-commerce platform without a modern, streamlined checkout process can significantly impact your sales.

As luck would have it, a solution for the modern consumer exists. There is a better payment method available: Provide buy now, pay later solutions like Credova.

One Great Solution

So how can alternative financing help? Point-of-sale payment options are incredibly valuable to savvy shoppers. Giving customers access to manageable payment plans for large and small purchases alike, with no hard credit inquiry, and seamlessly integrated directly on retail sites is not only the current trend in retail sales, but a mutually beneficial solution to merchant and consumer problems alike.

Starting to offer Credova is a simple process. Merchants can integrate both online and at brick-and-mortar locations. Credova provides an e-commerce process with an API that is literally a “plug and play” feature — meaning merchants can download from their current e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce, 3DCart, Magento, Shopify, and more.

With how simple integration is, and with consumer demand at an all-time high for alternative payment methods, offering an alternative financing option is exactly the right choice for modern retailers to stay in the game. 


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